The state-of-the-art LDI network is based on the NGN (Next Generation Network) with a focus to servicing clients to their utmost satisfaction. Following a futuristic approach we have created a pliant network architecture that ensures the flexibility to offer a full spectrum of services to meet the demands of our customers.

All of our capabilities are backed by an unparalleled level of support. We passionately believe that voice termination is all about quality. The demand for it is getting stronger throughout the industry. Competing in this market means making no concessions whatsoever to the quality-of-service, whilst maintaining the flexibility to offer competitive rates. In a highly dynamic environment where margins are getting thinner, efficiency is the key to remain competitive. And efficiency for us also means choosing the right partners in business. The company has decided to use a manageable amount of partners for termination of its traffic. It is our belief that only few things really matter when selecting a new Carrier for voice termination.

Quality that customers can rely on
Pricing that allows our partners to compete
a Solid Partnership with a Carrier that's here to stay